It is time to applaud our women, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and our sisters. They have a special nurturing gift and without them, our day – to–day life would be difficult. When I think about food, I think of the many cucus in the villages who keep us fed and nourished despite their old age. The mama mbogas and hawkers who battle the kanjos in the streets and in markets, with kids on their backs just to sell you some greens as you make your way through town during rush hour. Without them, our food production would decline drastically.

They have a knack of planning! Look around, women do it all when it comes to our food chain. They plan, farm, harvest and ensure the harvest is sold while keeping some of this harvest for their families making sure that there is enough food in the granaries to sustain the family for the entire year. They also generate incomes through selling the excess or deliberate produce in physical markets. They wake up at odd hours with their filled baskets to make it in good time to the nearest markets. If you’re not aware, be informed that women form the bigger majority in our markets, and their enterprising skills are phenomenal.

Other than just producing food, they are going all the way by bringing it to you through the community markets. They feed the society from scratch! It is time that we give credit where it’s due and invest in our women. Let’s thank our women. Let’s appreciate their strife and effort. In Kenya, 70% of the population makes their living from agriculture and from this 70%, the majority comprises of small-scale farmers who are women! They wake up early, tend to their farms, clean the animal sheds, water plants, harvest produce and still feed the family.

Some of these women in rural areas have to go so far to fetch clean water for these uses. They rely on seasonal rivers and streams. We need to look after our women as a community first before blaming the government. Set up piped water for your mother, aunt, grandmother and sisters back home. Save them from the extra burden of having to go fetching water miles away. Hire some help for them. Let’s appreciate the people who give us life and continually keep us whole and full all our lives. Cheers to our women and mostly our farming women. We owe them too much!