Safe and organic food without a doubt is great to our health. One of the contributing factors to not being a wholesome being is ill-health,which sometimes can be as a result of bad foods and or bad eating habits. When we get sick, unwell or have to deal with life threatening condition, physicians come to our rescue, our lives become dependent on the guys in white coats. And trust me they do a great job, higher calling duties and responsibilities otherwise we die. Doctors save us from pain, they make us feel better again and we get to enjoy the zest of life.

Food on the other hand, and great food for that matter, is a great cure and amazing path to staying healthy. I am a classical case of what organic foods can do to human life. I nearly lost my life because of a rare autoimmune disease (Myositis), you can read about the condition here – When this condition was discovered, what existed then and now in the medical world to dealwith it was and still is steroids, immune suppressants, and tons of other supporting medicines and supplements. These medicines gave me a new lease of life and I am forever grateful for the brains that developed them and the doctors, otherwise, I would be dead.

But continued use of the medicine, brought new health challenges like induced diabetes, osteoporosis, skin damage, stomach ulceration. This was awful, miserable as a result of continuos use of the medicine. The reality is – as long as you are constantly using a particular medicine for a long time to treat a disease or manage a health condition, the truth is that, a particular health challenge will spring and that will mean that it has to be dealt with by being prescribed another drug. The cycle continues and it becomes difficult to come out of the web. This also isn’t cheap. And sometimes requires divine intervention or connections to liberate yourself.


Eating organic foods worked magic and still works wonders, I am a living proof. These foods helped and helps hugely in dealing with my health challenges. It is now over 5 years and now relapse or worrying health complication(s). I can walk, I no longer take the over 20 something prescribed medicine. I am in perfect health. A soul that was almost 6 fit down, is a live. I grow some of the food I eat, I also buy organic produce and other healthy products from the organic farmers market –

that happens every Saturday in Karen. Ina proud to be associated with this market.

There is magical power and healing that lies in organic foods.I applaud the farmers that have taken and believe in this path. The path that cares about humanity and the environment.


By Dennis Andaye.


The Author is a survivor of Dermatomyositis

/Entrepreneur– with interest in food businesses.