Honey is without doubt one of the most ancient sweeteners to have ever existed in the world. It’s used in different cultures in beauty, nutrition and medicine. It’s a highly recommended food for weight loss. It aids in burning cholesterol even as you sleep. Swap your sugar with honey in your teas, foods and pastries. It’s highly recommended that you take a spoonful before sleeping. Also, having honey in some warm water before eating anything in the morning increases your metabolism and helps you cut down weight quickly.

It helps strengthen the immune system. It cures sore throats. It has bacteria fighting assets and antioxidants which fight against infections brought about by fungi, bacteria and viruses. Scientists and doctors say that buckwheat honey ranks high in antioxidant measures and if taken daily, it goes a long way in immune boosting. It’s advisable to take honey very early in the day before having anything or even working out. This will ensure you have sufficient energy levels to last you all day. It’s recommended that you give a spoonful of honey daily to kids to help boost immunity and keep flus, sore throats and petty infections away and enable them grow healthy and strong. It’s a home remedy for both wet and dry coughs.

Honey is good for your face and skin. It moisturizes and nourishes naturally. It’s good for people with dry skin and can be applied easily. It moisturizes skin that is parched and keeps pores unclogged. It’s a good cure for cracked lips in cold seasons. It’s used in face masks to correct skin tone. It’s an antiseptic useful in treating burns, cuts, bruises and wounds. It aids mental strength and boosts concentration, brain power and memory.  Honey consumption averts metabolic stress, calms and soothes the brain. This results in memory augmentation in the long run and in old age.

Its therapeutic properties boostthe cholinergic system, receding cells and circulation. It’s a known dandruff remedy. It nourishes dry hair making it smooth, manageable and soft. Having trouble with sleep? Mixing honey and warm milk should help you sleep soundly like a baby. It clears infections and reduces inflammations that are sinus related. It lessens sinus attacks, treats and heals gum diseases such as plaque, bleeding and gingivitis. It releases hydrogen peroxide that acts as an anti-microbial, preventing bacteria growth. It can be used as a mouthwash when mixed with warm water.Directly rubbing honey on gums that have been affected is soothing and it instantly provides inflammation and pain relief.

It serves as a great natural energy source due to its natural and unprocessed sugars that go directly into the bloodstream. It helps to prevent and control eczema. Eczema causes flaky, itchy, red skin and brings with it lots of discomfort. A mixture of olive oil and honey can be applied to the skin gets rid of this. It’s a natural cleanser and exfoliator that removes dirt and softens the skin.