Let me say this, most harsh pesticides, herbicides and insecticides are produced in Europe and they find their way to Africa. Once the food is finally produced, it is consumed locally and also in Europe, the same countries that produce the harsh chemicals. Most of these products made in Europe are banned for use in farms in Europe.  If the chemical is produced and banned for them, it simply means that the product is illegal. Why do these products then find legality in Africa? Common sense dictates that we are being played here.

Farmers are destroying their lives, that of their consumers and the environment through the use of these illegal products in the production process. It is very easy for farmers to get into this unknowingly because of the high yield marketing campaigns and promises which are true but hazardous.

Hey herbicide, pesticide and insecticide producers, making products bound for Africa and other continents that you deem backward and illiterate, yet you shun using these products yourselves; are you still aware that we export the same chemicals back to you through foods? Is that how karma works? These harsh chemicals are used to preserve your foods and fresh harvests as they make their way across oceans in containers and eventually onto shelves in your grocery stores. You still get to consume your products in one way or another. It’s just sad how the cycle you create eventually comes back to you. Human life is equally precious whether on the African or Asian continents.

Coffee for instance, is a cash crop we grow a lot here in Africa, Kenya to be precise. Funny thing is, we don’t consume it as much. It’s one of our leading exports. As you work on providing solutions for farmers, don’t just be looking at the money bit of it. Stop feeding people with poison under the disguise of fighting starvation and increasing yield. Make human and environmentally friendly products if at all life matters to you since these are the same people you rely on to make sales.