Our food will not be exciting as long as we continue ignoring herbs in our culinary-

Kenyans are very sparing when it comes to using herbs. It’s not ii our culture to cook using them. Many households don’t use herbs despite them having many medicinal properties and adding such delightful aromas to meals. Herbs are as natural as they get. They’re simply cut or plucked out of the soil and are ready for use. If you’d like to preserve them longer then you can dry and grind them for a longer shelf life. Herbs have been in use for many centuries and have been used in treating ailments successfully way before medicinal and scientific advancements. They help to cure and prevent diseases.

For instance, thyme tea is very great for chest and nasal congestions. Add some honey and lemon into it for better results. Sage tea is great for curbing indigestion and calming rumbling tummies. Cilantro, is great for body cleansing and is able to remove heavy metals. Oregano, the famous pizza herb treats fungal infections externally and internally. It also soothes snake bites and bee stings. Instead of the royco cubes, use a few leaves of basil. Some fresh mint leaves in warm water, dash of lime and some honey makes a refreshing drink.

Parsley cleanses bad breath and cleanses the body. Rosemary for instance is very pleasant when added to food. Not only that, it also relieves tummy upsets, headaches and digestive disorders. It improves brain functions and memory and its oil is very useful for both body and hair care. Basil tea is a good immune booster that also fights infections and colds. So the next time a vendor sells you a pot, grab it without second thought. You can have your tiny herb garden and benefit greatly within the comfort of your home. There is more than just onions and tomatoes when it comes to flavoring our foods.